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Solar drive is a low-cost, efficient system. It has been widely used in electric golf cars airport cars and other electric cars driving in low speed. As the system has a “tracking solar maximum efficiency system”, it will convert all light into electrical energy and charge the vehicle constantly. Therefore, the battery is always in a charging state. This can extend battery life, and increase energy efficiency.

  1. Increase the maximum driving distance: the golf car with solar power system can drive 20-30km every day.
  2. Reduce power consumption: every golf car with 375W solar power system can save 3 kW/ day.
  3. Extend battery life: the solar power system can charge the battery while traveling or stopping. The use of solar energy means that the battery can be always charged. This feature prevents battery from deep discharging and resulting in lower the battery efficiency.

Applied in golf cars, tour cars, mini electric vehicles.
Frame type: aluminum profile
Solar unit type: monocrystalline silicon
Solar unit efficiency: 22% +
Module: flexible and portable
Efficiency: 250W -500W
Output voltage: 36V – 72V
Converter: MPPT, converter, box

250W power is available for 2 /4 seat electric cars
375W power is available for 4 /6 seat electric cars
500W power is available for 6 /8 seat electric cars