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Distributed on-grid PV system terms a special separated PV system. It is installed near the target location to supply the electricity. The surplus power is sent back to the grid. The power generation voltage is 380 V or 220 V.

It is a promising power generation application method. It proposes power generation nearby, on-grid nearby, conversion nearby and using nearby. It not only enhances the generating capacity of power stations in same scale, but also solves the power loss issue during the voltage transformation and long-distance electricity transmission.


  1. Solar energy is a desirable and inexhaustible green energy source.
  2. Photovoltaic power generation is a static power generation with zero emissions, zero radiation, and zero pollution.
  3. Low operating and maintenance costs, zero fuel cost, energy independent, and unaffected by rising energy prices.
  4. Without the limitation of the geographical distribution of resources, the construction roofs can be applied, for example, areas without grid, and complicated terrain.
  5. Short construction cycle, long  using cycle (the general life time is 25 years), the entire system investment recovery period is 5-7 years.

Light-weight/Flexible PV Panel

Advantages :

  1. Reducing load requirements for roofs (only 4kG/pcs)
  2. High efficiency(17.5% – 19%)
  3. Easy, convenient and fast installation
  4. Reducing installation cost