Molecular Coating equipment
  • CVD is the most advanced thin film deposition technique that uses a process, wherein a chemical reaction takes place in a chamber and turns the reactant (gas)to a solid product which deposes on the target surface.
  • 1、Characterizing excellent coverage, far superior to coating with epoxy, urethane or silicone.
    2、Excellent chemical properties, can resolve problems caused by corrosion by acids or alkaline.
    3、Colorless, and highly transparent, the original appearance and property of the target objects are not affected.  
    4、Can prevent surface particles from coming off the product.
    5、Completely weather proof, moisture-proof, rust-proof and weathering mitigated.
    6、Organic solvent resistant (not resolved in any common solvents). Mildew resistant, and antimicrobial.
    7、Low permeability to gases, high shielding effect.
    8、Excellent temperature stability (±200℃).
    9、Excellent temperature stability (-200℃~+400℃) for AF4.
    10、Mildew resistant, and antimicrobial.
    11、Low friction coefficient.
    12、High insulation resistance and high voltage with standability.
  • 1、Semi-conductor manufacturing
        Molecular coating protects the PCB from moist  the service life.
        Meet the requirements of electronic equipment or sensing components in a strict standard environment, such as semiconductor processing, MEMS and other high-tech industries.




    2.Protection of  important documents and antiques
    • Molecular coating can be painted on any shape of an object without damaging the appearance of the artifacts.
    •Water-proof, anti-rust, antibacterial and mothproof.
    3.The upgrading of traditional industries
    • Upgrade traditional industries such as leather, textiles,glass, and creating additional value.
    • Nano surface treatments, Achieve oxidation resistance, moisture resistance, products with nano self-cleaning function and the best protection.

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