Brief introduction
  • Brief introduction
    To combat climate change and promote a greener tomorrow, starting from 1 Oct 2018 (CLP) / 1 Jan 2019 (HK Electric), solar power owner can sell electricity at $3 to 5 per kwh (depending on the power scale), which is much higher than current electricity price of about $1 to 1.5.
    CLP announcement:
    CLP video promo
    HK Electric announcement
    Cooperation model
    1、Buyout model
    Customer pay and own the system.
    Sunlight-eco design and build the system.
    2、Sunlight-eco pay and own the system.
    Sunlight-eco design and Build the system.
    Profit sharing from tariff income to landlord as a rental fee
    Benefit formula link:
    Benefit formula link:

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